Writeback in Cognos using Pyhton

  1. Install Pyhton 2.7.

  2. Install the Oracle driver.

  3. Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  4. Right click over the existing website and create a new application (Add Applitacion...). Select the alias and physical path that is intended to publish (this is where the cgi files will be located). Click “OK” and verify if the new application figures in the application’s tree.

  5. Select the application recently created and get into Handler Mappings.

  6. Add a new script map by clicking on “Add Script Map…” in the right panel.

  7. Insert the following values:

  • Request path: *.cgi

  • Executable: \python.exe "%s"

  • Name: PythonCGI

Click “OK” and verify if the new assignation figures in the Handler Mappings list.