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Cognos Analytics

Discussions related to Cognos 11 Analytics

Cognos 10 Business Intelligence

This category contains topics related to IBM Cognos BI 10.x

General Discussion

Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.

Cognos 8 Planning

Real-time visibility into resource requirements and future business results with a finance-managed solution.

Cognos 8 Controller

Unmatched capabilities for managing the close, consolidation and reporting process.

Cognos TM1

This category is for all things related to IBM Cognos TM1.

Cognos 8 Business Viewpoint

Maintain, govern and share common data dimensions and hierarchies across your BI or Financial Performance Management solutions to improve the performance of your organization.

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

Reporting, analysis, scorecards, and dashboards all in one product, on a single, modern architecture.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Cognos 8 GO!

Extend BI to mobile devices, search engines and Microsoft Office applications.

Cognos 8 NOW!

Monitor constantly changing data with dashboards and reports on a pre-packaged hardware appliance.

Cognos 8 Workforce Performance

Pre-packaged reports, metrics and analysis for better HR performance.

Cognos 8 Search!

IBM Cognos 8 Go! Search, to find reports, scorecards and other content created in IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence


Upfront is the customizable user interface that you use to view, find, organize, and share Cognos reports and queries on the Web

Cognos Access Manager

Access Manager allows single-point management of user classes and profiles for all implemented components of the suite from a central console.

Cognos Powerplay

PowerPlay lets you identify and analyze trends in business and financial performance for better business decisions

Cognos Impromptu

Impromptu lets you author virtually any report using Impromptu's frame-based reporting interface.

Cognos Express

Integrated business intelligence (BI) and planning solution for midsized companies, with reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

Cognos Script

Cognos Script allows you to create macros and run these macros to do repetitive tasks.

CAM (Cognos Access Manager) Errorcodes

Cognos Access Manager (CAM) is a component of the content manager. The CAM handles the authentication and authorisation of users.

DPR (Dispatcher) Errorcodes

Errorcodes generated by the Dispatcher component

CM (Content Manager) Errorcodes

Performs object manipulation functions in the content store, such as add, query, update, delete, move, copy, and management functions such as import and export

CNC (Cognos Notice Cast) Errorcodes

Sends emails to an external SMTP server on behalf of other services, such as the report service, job service, agent service, or data integration service

RSV (Report Service) Errorcodes

Manages interactive requests to run reports and provides output for a user in IBM Cognos Connection or a studio

Upgrade to Cognos 10

All Upgrade question and related issues

Cognos Performance

Performance related blogs


This library contains documents, which can be usefull when troubleshooting. Most documents are lists with errorcodes, table schema versions, build numbers, NOT intended to give and solution for every errorcode. But some documents listed here have some solutions for errorcodes.