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Win prizes by posting your questions or solutions to the CogKnowHow Forum!

CogKnowHow.com is celebrating it 1st anniversary in may 2010
I have come up with a contest for all registered members, where you can win some cool prizes!

The contest is actually very simple… :wink:

The 3 members who post the most (useful) articles during the contest, WINS !!! In this period you may post as many questions and error code solutions as you like!
The contest starts on 1st of may and runs the whole month and the best part… ANYONE can win!! It doesn’t favor anyone more than another. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win one of the prizes, Beginner, newbie, expert… it doesn’t matter
So everyone starts this contest with 0 posts. I send you all on day 1 or 2 of the contest the start values (may 1st) of all users. When the contest has ended another snap-shot is taken of the post counters of all members. The initial post values of users who have already posted something before the contest are subtracted to get the end result. During the contest you can watch the real time post counters here: http://www.cogknowhow.com/forum/index.php?action=mlist;sort=posts;start=0

Contest Rules

Every contest has it’s rules… :wink:

  1. Only the posts posted between 00.00 CET +1 may 1st and 24.00 CET +1 may 31 2010 are included into the post count, and final post score.
  2. How to score a point for this contest
    • Post a question in the (child)boards “Business intelligence software”, “Financial performance management software”, “Business Modeling software”, “Cognos Series 7” or “General” - 1 point
    • Post a Cognos Error code solution to the correct (child)board “IBM Cognos Error codes” - 2 points!
    • Sent an knowledge article to contest@cogknowhow.com which must be published to www.cogknowhow.com website instead of the forum. Admin user will publish your article with your name as the author - 2 points!
  3. Members who post one line posts (like: i have the same problem) will NOT included in the post count and final score!
  4. Admin user is excluded from this contest.


  1. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence - The Official Guide E-book !!!
  2. $20 iTunes Gift Certificate
  3. $10 iTunes Gift Certificate

So start collecting those error codes and solutions or articles right now and post them next month to WIN !! :wink:

Good Luck!

Interim Score CogKnowHow contest of 10-may-2010

The scores are available but the attachment is only visible wen you log in… This will be changed asap.

Interim Score CogKnowHow contest of 17-may-2010

Interim Score CogKnowHow contest of 24-may-2010

The final results are IN!!

It was very exciting until the last day.

The 3 WINNERS are:

  1. CognosGirl -> IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence - The Official Guide E-book !!!
  2. Guru -> $20 iTunes Gift Certificate
  3. Alex Fayfman -> $10 iTunes Gift Certificate

I will contact all the winners to discuss how to redeem the prize! :slight_smile: