Why do i not see the trickle of data in the FAP log dialog

Cognos Controller 10.1 FAP

I do not see the trickle of data in the FAP log dialog.

Correct log level, not set at startup of FAP process.
When you setup the Controller FAP process, you must active HIGH logging level to allow the trickling steps to be written to log table.

1.Go into Cognos Controller FAP Manager.
2.Edit the source (the controller database) you are using
3.Set the Log Level to 'High'
4. Click Save.

Edit the data mart (the tm1 connection) you are using.
Set the Log Level to High.
Click Save.

You need to stop the Data marts and you need to stop the Source
Then you need to start the Source and start the Data mart again to active your change in logging. (this will make a intial publish - who may take long time)
Then you will see a line like;
-Start trickling data
-Finished trickling data.

Then you should be able to see when the trickling is done.