Which versions of different Cognos products can be installed together?


when you install and configure different products, lets say Bi and controller, which versions can i install together?

can i install BI 8.4.1 and controller 8.5 together? Or should i install BI 8.4 FP2 and controller 8.4 FP1?

if so why or why not??



i always install for all components the same version, but FP version may vary. for example:

bi 8.4 FP2 and planning 8.4 FP1 will work fine
bi 8.3 and planning/controller 8.4 FP1 will probably work as well but sometime there are issues with client tool connectivity.

Remember BI 8.4.1 is a new version, so i would not install this with planning/controller 8.4 FP1 but wait for planning 8.4.1 version, which will be release beginning of next year.


then i install all components of the same version. :smiley: