Which Port Numbers are used by Cognos Express?


i installed Cognos EWxpress but i wonder which port number are used by default?


A default install of Cognos Express will use ports 19300-19310.

The port range is defined during the 4th page of the installation wizard. “which range of ports do you want Cognos Express to use?”. You can use to choose a different range of ports and each range choice increases by 100 e.g 19400-19410 then 19500-19510 etc. To check what value was selected post-installation you can check the ‘port_number’ property in the …\Cognos Express Directory\express\systemproperties.xml file.

Note ! It is not possible to change the port numbers after you have installed Cognos Express ???, not even in the configuration manager like in Cognos 8. This must be done by reinstalling the product.