Where to change number format from - sign to ()?


how can i change in Controller reports, the number format so that negative values are displayed within brackets () instead of with a minus sign?



In user-defined reports in Controller (report generator/report writer or Excel link reports), which are using Excel layouts, this can be done using Excel formatting on the cells.

In Controller, go to the Reports/create menu (For Excel link reports, just open the Excel workbook).
On the layout of the report, select the relevant cells, right click and select 'Format cells’
Select ‘Custom’ and in the ‘Type’ field define your custom format, e.g. 0,00;(0,00).
See the Excel online help for more information about how to define different formats.

btw. In Controller standard reports (e.g. Trial balance with drilldown) brackets instead of minus sign for negative numbers is not supported!!