Where is the trigger.bat file?


in Cognos 8 we used the trigger.bat file to kick off cubes generations and reports. We recently migrated to COgnos 10.1 FP1 but i can not find this file in the Cognos 10 installation directory? :frowning:

does anyone know if this file still exists?

It’s still there. See the following link from the Admin and Security guide.


It may reside in a different location/install if you did not install a single server setup(CM, App, and GW on same server and same dir). I could be wrong but last I recall this was part of the gateway component. If it isn’t there check your other installs.

Did you ever find a solution to this, ran into the same problem when upgrading from Cognos Express 9.5 to 10.1

For whatever reason (licensing maybe) a few things were removed from the express install but accidentally left in the doco. Trigger was left out and so was a handy TI command line execution tool.

If you copy these from a C8 install they will probably still work although there may be licencing issues. I got TIExecute to work against Cognos Express 10.1 and now I’ll start on getting trigger to work.

If you can find the C8 source files you might find this works: