Where does Cognos retrieve the local settings

Where does Cognos retrieve the local settings such as currency, language, time etc?

IBM Cognos 8 obtains all values for the user locale, by checking these sources, in the following order:

Authentication provider
If the authentication provider (LDAP) has locale settings that are configured, then these values are used by IBM Cognos 8 for the user’s product and content locale.

User preference settings in Cognos Connection
If the user changes the user preference settings in Cognos Connection, IBM Cognos 8 uses these settings for the user’s product, content locale and default formatting options. The user preference settings always override the obtained values from the authentication provider.

Browser cookie
Anonymous and guest users cannot set user preference settings, because they do not have a user profile in Cognos Connection. For these users, IBM Cognos 8 obtains the user locale from the browser cookie stored on the user’s computer.