What is Cognos Go Search?

Search Service is a BI search capability that enables users to find information stored in IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence introduced in 2006. It promises:

Easy search:
search full data content of reports, as well as titles, descriptions, and metadata layers. Fuzzy matching and word stemming helps users fine-tune search terms and eliminate ambiguity.

Most relevant data:
sophisticated ranking and contextual support of search criteria delivers the most relevant data. Customers can find related BI information from directly within reports using contextual search prompts.

Fast results
Cognos Go! fully indexes existing BI content and supports the ability to specify search criteria using industry-standard tips and tricks, helping users find the right information

GoSearch is embedded now in Cognos 10.1


Is it possible to search a particular query item useing cognos go search?eg: i am using a query item in 10 reports. If i enter the name of the query item and search , can i get all those 10 reports?