Values not shown in the cells that are not part of the TM1 Active Form

Cognos TM1 10.1.1 PLANANALYTICS-AW64-ML-RTM-10.1.7000.91-0
PLANANALYTICS_Update_name=IBM Cognos TM1
Windows 2008 R2

Values not shown in the cells that are not part of the TM1 Active Form in the TM1 WEB sheet.
They show nice in TM1 Perspective. But after uploaded to the TM1WEB, then there are no values.
The excel sheet is using Active Forms with formula
=TM1RPTROW($B$9;"FAP:S2.Account BS Items";"Kapital";;;;;;0)
And this at many places
=DBRW($B$9;$C$11;D$27;$C37;$B37;$C$14;$C$15;$C$16;$C$17 ;$C$18;$C$19;$C$20;D$25;D$26;$C$21;$C$12;$C$13;$C$22)
Then we added some new fields where we had this formula
=DBRW($B$9;$C$11;D$27;$C28;$B28;$C$14;$C$15;$C$16;$C$17 ;$C$18;$C$19;$C$20;D$25;D$26;$C$21;$C$12;$C$13;$C$22)
This cell only show the data value in Excel TM1 perspective but not on the web.

Enter the cube name in an empty cell.
Change the static (not Active Form) DBRW to point to that cell for the cube reference.
Then publish it to the TM1WEB then it works better.
New formula;
=DBRW($C$24;$C$11;D$27;$C28;$B28;$C$14;$C$15;$C$16;$C$17 ;$C$18;$C$19;$C$20;D$25;D$26;$C$21;$C$12;$C$13;$C$22)
The first ref is for the cube name.
DBRW function for Active Form and Static Cell cannot use the same CUBE cell reference, then it becomes wrong in the Converting to WEB BASED page.
Syntax Description:
DBRW(cube, e1, e2[,...en])
The arguments are described in the following list.
Cube The name of the database cube from which to retrieve the value.e1,...en
Dimension element names that define the intersection of the cube containing the value to be retrieved.
Arguments e1 through en are sequence-sensitive. e1 must be an element from the first dimension of the cube, e2 must be an element from the second dimension, and so on. These arguments can also be the names of aliases for dimension elements.
Numeric element names must be enclosed in quotation marks.