URGENT-Moving Content Store From OracleDB on HPUnix to OracleDB on SUNUnix

We have had a technical failure and need to move our content store from an OracleDB on a HPUnix box to an OracleDB on SUN Unix server. Is there a ‘Checklist’ of what we should do? We could use the Cognos import/export facility or ‘Copy’ the content store, but are worried about corruption of the content store, encrytion keys etc… etc…

Is there a 'Best" practice doc or a checklist I can ensure DBA’s / BI Support can use?? THIS IS AN URGENT REQUEST


always use the deployment functionallity!

1.Export the complete content store.
2. Stop the bi service
3. Open configuration manager and reconfigure the content store connection to the new empty database
4. Start cognos again and the content store tables will be created
5. Login and import the deployment you created in step 1
6 remove the everyone group from the cognos system administrators role

Good luck !