Upgrade Cognos ePlanning 8.4

Hello. I am busy upgrading ePlanning from release 8.3 to 8.4.1. Can anyone advise anything I should be aware of or watch out for during this upgrade.
I have installed the new software, and created the content store. We have 3 servers, the Web Gateway, the Application server and Job server. I must move the current applications, both Analyst and Contributor, with data, to the new software. I have run a deployment export package, with Data, and my next step is to import this to the new environment. Once done, I will then run the Tools - Upgrade system option.
Has anyone been through this already, and are there any points to be worried or aware of?

Hi Kathy,

the server upgrade steps look pretty good to me. Advantage of the deployment is that you can import it easy into another (type) database server without many problems. If you import it to the same database server you can map all database names with a suffix or prefix.

if you run into problems (like package can not be read or corrupted package :slight_smile: you can backup the application databases and restore them to another database server of the same type. You will get an error message that the restored database is already connected to another planing store. If that is the case let me know. I’ll have to lookup the database table and the 3 PAD columns you must remove. the admin links and macros can be exported from CAC.

You also must upgrade analyst, contributor web client and contributor administrator console on all the clients or Citrix servers. Otherwise you get all kind of errors. First uninstall the 8.3 planning components and then reinstall the client tools and contributor web client again.

good luck

Thank you for your advise.
We have loaded the updated version onto the sever as a new installation with no prior versions on this server.
I have copied across the analyst libraries, and brought the ones needed into Analyst, with no problems as all.
We have however installed Sql 2008 R2, and are having problem importing the Deployment Model + Data into the new installation. We get the following error message.
I did troubleshoot the message and the answer, per installation guide, is to download and apply the feature pack for Sql 2008. As the version we are using is R2, this feature pack was not relevant. The purpose was to give backward compatibility to Sql for prior versions. IBM Support have advised that R2 is not tested and supported yet, and have suggested we downgrade our Sql to 2008 with the feature pack, then try again.
Have you heard of this yet?
Do you have any suggestions?
Many thanks.

“Error Code 429
Unable to connect to bmr_dev_dwh_sql using SQL Server Data Manipulation Objects (SQLDMO)~~~~Unable to create the object with ProgID ‘SQLDMO.SQLServer’~~~~ActiveX component can’t create object”


i experienced a similar error a few day ago… SQL DMO is not installed by default with SQL 2008 (R2) anymore. You have to install this manually on the planning servers together with your sql client software. I wrote a few days this article about this.


or when this does not solve all your problems, see if you have permissions to execute the external stored procedure of SQL xp_subdir. It was possible to allow this stored procedure on user base but in 2008 this feature is removed or replaced, but i could not find it anymore. the only SQL role where i could browse through the SQL folders was the role ‘system administrator’ … >:( :frowning:

This extended stored procedure is used to get the list of folders for the folder named in the xp. In comparison with xp_dirtree, xp_subdirs returns only those directories whose depth = 1.

restart Contributor Administration Console again and see if you can browse through the SQL server folders now.

let me know if this solved your problems.

take care!

Thank you, I will give this a try and come back to you :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.