Unable to Run PowerPlay Studio Report Opened in Report Studio

OP-ERR-0182 Invalid parameter '[T2549(non zero-suppressed on row)]' provided for 'filter' at position '1' for 'dataItem="T2549(zero-suppressed on row)"'.

When running a PowerPlay Studio that was opened in Report Studio using the Open with Report Studio command, the error appears.

This problem occurs when a parameter in a data item expression is of numeric type but the expected type is memberset. This may occur if the report contains a calculation to which zero suppression was applied.

To resolve the problem, in Report Studio, change the parameter's type from numeric to memberset. For example, the first parameter in the following expression is of numeric type.
filter([T2549(non zero-suppressed on row)],((tuple([cubes/0406Great Outdoors].[Years].[Years].[Years]->:[PC].[@MEMBER].[CONVERSION_DATE]) <> 0) and (tuple([cubes/0406Great Outdoors].[Years].[Years].[Years]->:[PC].[@MEMBER].[CONVERSION_DATE]) is not null)))
Changing the first parameter to the following changes its type to memberset.
member([T2549(non zero-suppressed on row)],'','',hierarchy([cubes/0406Great Outdoors].[Locations].[Locations]))