Unable to perform datastore backup during the GTP process


i have a customer who is using Cognos planning 8.3. It works fine but now the have the following problem, and they say nothing has changed… ::slight_smile:

I am unable to backup the application in the Contributor Administration Console using the GTP functionality or manually using the Administration Console. However, directly on the oracle server, the backup works fine.

Unable to perform backup
The return code '1 from the backup command 'EXP.EXE is non zero and may indicate a problem
Inspect the contents of the logfile:
Log File details:
EXP-00056: ORACLE error 6550 encountered
ORA-06550: line 1, column 41: PLS-00302: component ‘SET_NO_OUTLINES’ must be declared
ORA-06550: line 1, column 15: PL/SQL: Statement ignored
EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

looks like something with oracle or permissions… :frowning:

any ideas?

At a guess I would say that the Oracle client on the Cognos server is a higher version than that of the Oracle DB Server. I believe it needs to be the same or lower.

YES! that is it :slight_smile:

There were new oracle clients pushed to various servers… the clients have now Version and the database server is still

Will uninstall this client again and get the old one in place again and it should work again! ;D

thanks for the quick reaction!