Unable to import a data source in Framework Manager

Unable to access service at URL http://localhost/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi?b_action=xts.run&m=portal/close.xts
Unable to access service at URL http://localhost/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll?b_action=xts.run&m=portal/close.xts
Please check that your gateway URI information is configured correctly and that the service is available. For further information please contact your service administrator.


There are some possible solutions:
1. If the virtual directory alias name is not c8 or the gateway is located on a remote machine. Make sure in Cognos Configuration, that the correct alias and machine name are specified under Local Configuration\Environment\Gateway URI.
For example, if the alias is called crnsap, you will need to change the gateway URL to: http://<localhost>:80/c8/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi
2. If the settings are not saved in Cognos Configuration of the Framework Manager's machine's, the above error will be thrown when opening a new project. Therefore, be sure the settings you changed are saved in Cognos Configuration.
3. Change the gateway URI to use the ISAPI gateway instead of CGI gateway. Simply change cognos.cgi to the isapi.dll in Cognos Configuration and restart the service. There is no additional Web server configuration required to use ISAPI gateway.To access Cognos 8 components using ISAPI, in Cognos Configuration, change the cognos.cgi portion of the Gateway URI property to cognosisapi.dll. Then specify the ISAPI URI, <a href=http://host_name/cognos8/cognosisapi.dll>http://host_name/cognos8/cognosisapi.dll</a> in your browser.
4. Use the Alias name or IP address instead of the machine name in Cognos Configuration.
5. Ensure that the cognos.cgi or cognosisapi.dll is executable by the user id running the webserver.
6. Ensure the user is logging in properly, especially when Single Signon is used in the environment. If you have doubts disable the SSO during this troubleshoot session.
7. Verify that there is not a proxy server used in the Internet Settings for the Framework Manager PC. If a proxy server is used, select the "Bypass Proxy Server for local (Intranet) addresses" check box.
To change this in Internet Explorer:
Tools-->Internet Options
Click the "Connections" Tab
Click the "Lan Settings" button
Select the "Bypass Proxy Server for local (Intranet) addresses" check box