"Unable to Connect to Cognos 8" using Data imported by Framework Manager

Just a note to pass on some learning experiences

We are using Controller 8.5 and the Framework Manager to import data at period ends.
We are using SQL Server 2005 on a 64bit server connecting to Cognos on an Oracle platform (Just to add some challenges!!)
The Framework Manager uses a Cognos Query that refreshes in near real time the data from our Financial System

Recently we recieved the error “Unable to Connect to Cognos 8” after several unsuccessful attempts by IBM we resolved it ourselves.
We checked the event log on the Cognos Framework server and identified in the event viewer on the server, the query causing the issue.

The Import specification was opened and the Query re-selected from the Framework and saved.
I suspect the original queries were modified slightly.

Note we have a large number of Framework Queries, when an error is encountered in one all the other Framework imports run from the same PC return the connection error even of there is nothing wrong with them, I suspect this is due to local caching.

Anyway the error has now gone

Just wanted to share

Thank you Bacchoi :slight_smile:

Do you still have the detailed error messages / event log ? if so can you post them as well to this thread?