Unable to browse TM1 server content from Business Insight

Hi all

I want to use TM1 server content (10.1.1) from Business Insight (10.1.1 FP1). I have configured the tm1_contribution.atom file. In the Business Insight, I am able to see the TM1 server. However when I browse the folder, I get error message: An HTTP error code occurred: 200. The TM1 server is setup to use IntegratedSecurityMode 5 (CAM Authenticated)

On the other hand, I am able to browse other TM1 servers that use IntegratedSecurityMode 1 (TM1 Security) from Business Insight

Do I miss any setting for this CAM Authenticated TM1 server?


I’m having exactly the same problem (C10.1.1 FP1 & TM1 10.1.0).
Checked through all config files but no…