Unable to add individual users in security

Hi, we upgraded from 8.3 to 8.4.1 recently but now are unable to add individual user ID’s to folders. The only thing we can do is add groups and then add the individuals within the group. Has anyone encountered this? We use Access Manager /sunone for our security. When adding the individuals after selecting ‘add’ they never appear in the window to give permissions. When adding groups, they do appear in the window to give permissions to. We are just trying to figure out why it is behaving like this and what we can do to fix it. IBM has not been any help on this.


i have some questions for you about this.

  • did you perform an ‘inplace’ upgrade? ie. the same server, content store, cogstartup.xml? or did you use a new server, content store database and perhaps new sun one installation?
  • in the configuration manager you used the “series 7” security conector or the ldap connector?
  • to be sure: you do see the users with access manager administration in the ldap and even in cognos connection when you try to add users to a certain cognos cognnection folder, correct?
  • does the cogserver.log file give any information about this? You can use the log viewer to read the logs easier. i expect something like CAM-AAA-… Errors.
    Post them here please.