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UDA-SQL-0564 SQL Server does not exist or access denied

When trying to connect to a reporting database the following errors occur
QE-DEF-0285 The logon failed
QE-DEF-0323 The DSN(ODBC)/ServiceName is invalid. Either the DSN is missing or the host is inaccessible.
RQP-DEF-0068 Unable to connect to at least one database during a multi-database attach to 1 database(s) in : testDataSourceConnection
UDA-SQL-0031 Unable to access the “testDataSourceConnection” databasename
UDA-SQL-0564 [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server][DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or
access denied. (SQLSTATE=08001, SQLERRORCODE=17)

The MSSQL instance not running on standard port 1433.

Windows 2003, Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Ask your SQL DBA for the correct port number. Then create the datasource connection. The port must be entered when the server name is defined. This must be in the form of ‘server name,port’. Be sure to use a comma to separate the server name and the port number. This port number should be the port number that the database instance is running on.


  1. From Cognos Connection click ‘Tools’, ‘Directory’, ‘Data Sources’
  2. Select the ‘New Data Source’ icon
  3. Type a name in the ‘Name’ dialog box and click Next
  4. For the type select ‘OLE DB’ and click ‘Next’
  5. In the server name dialog box type the server name followed by a comma and then the port the database server is running on. This should be in the notation of ,
  6. Enter the required information as per the usual creation of a datasource.
  7. When available, click ‘Test’ to test the connectivity to the new datasource.