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UDA-SQL-0564 Invalid object name 'user_session'

Unable to add or test a data source into a Framework Manager project when importing meta data.

RQP-DEF-0177 An error occurred while performing operation ‘sqlUpdateAttach’ status=’-9’.
UDA-SQL-0564 [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server]Invalid object name ‘user_session’. (SQLSTATE=42S02, QLERRORCODE=208)

Wrong setup of the data source connection, defined in Cognos Connection.

OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
Database: MS SQL Server 2005

When creating the data source, select the option to choose ‘Signons’ and provide the correct user name and password,
Select the option ‘Cognos 8 service credentials’. Then you have to create a domain account which starts the Cognos 8 service and has sufficient permissions on the MS SQL database server.