Transformer logging in two difference directories


I have a question about the logging from Transformer 8.4.
When I change the log settings from .mdl file to c:\logging and I want to change the log directory for my second .mdl file to c:\test\logging, Transformer write only to 1 directory
When I change my directory for 1 .mdl file Transformer do it for all my .mdl who are standing om my server.
The .mdl files are standing in difference directories
How can I change it, that my models keep there settings about writing there own log files.


Leonard Dronkers

i think you refer to the log directory you can set in transformer under menu file - preferences?

Everything you set in this window is for the transformer application and not for a specific model. I have looked at the command line options as well but there is not a log directory option only log level …

in the .mdl file i could not find any reference to a log directory so i think that this is not possible… :-\

Thanks for your answer.

I thought already that it was not possible, but i didn’t know it for sure

Grtz Leonard