Transformation of Hierarchy line items to column in analysis cube

Hi All,
In case of a period dimension hierarchy, YTD and Month are the line items which are in parent child relationship. When available in analysis studio, need both of these to be avialbale as columns rather than as hierarchy. In this scenario what needs to be done so that the cube reflectls this.

The Period dimension hierarchy is as such


Whereas in Analysis cube the following representation is required.

        [table][tr][td]Minutes of Usage[table][tr][td]               Day[/td][td]   MTD[/td][td]   YTD[/td][/tr][tr][td]Local[/td][/tr][tr][td]STD[/td][/tr][tr][td]ISD[/td][/tr][/table]

Hi there ,

You could create another level for your hierarchy. One which will allow you to drill from YTD to Day and another perhaps starting at the Month Level. Then you will be able to drag it in as two separate columns.

Hope this helps.