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TM1Web - can't access Login page from remote PC

Hi there,

I have installed TM1Web on a windows server 2008 box in the cloud Amazon - running IIS 7.5. While on the server I AM ABLE to hit the TM1Web login URL and the page loads successfully.

The problem is that when I try and access the login page from a remote PC (not on the same domain) across the internet I CAN’T access the login page. If I type in the IP address of the server I get back the IIS test page, so that works. the problem is that when I include either TM1Web extension or <TM1Web/TM1WebLogin.aspx>

When using IE I get a message that says “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. When using Mozilla it returns a message saying “Server not found”.

BTW - I have Cognos BI installed on the same server and there are no problems hitting the Cognos connection from a remote PC.

Any help would be much appreciated!!


Did you configure the webserver correctly?

the TM1Web/TM1WebLogin.aspx needs the ASP. NET v2.0.50727 to be configured correctly.

also check if the TM1Web site path is actually pointing to the TM1Web folder under wwwroot; and if the login page file in question is actually there?


I have exactly the same problem in the same environment.
Did you find a solution??