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TM1 and SAP BW


Are there any experiences with TM1 on SAP BW. And then especially to the functionality with SAP Connector. The theory sounds great, collect data and masterdata and the availability to write back. But I don’t have any practical experenience…

The theory says it’s possible:

  • to collect data directly from cubes (or the multiproviders meaning collect everything ;D)
  • to collect masterdata
  • write back to ODS or DSO depending SAP BW version

Did you use this setup before and do you like sharing briefly your experience? And what are the basic struggles to set this up?


The existing connector is being ‘sunsetted’ (Don’t think it got a lot of traction.) TM1 9.5.1 includes access to C8 packages and these cover SAP BW. But you don’t require a full C8 stack to use it - IBM assert you can do it with 9.5.1 alone.
Having said that, I’ve found that the documentation on getting 9.5.1 to talk to C8 packages is - how do I put it politely - ‘limited’. If you know both worlds well you’ll probably make some progress.