Timeout During Report Validation

While trying to validate a report in Report Studio (Tools, Validate report), you may experience the following behavior. First, the validation process runs excessively long.
Resulting in the following error message: "The request time out specified n the options dialog has been exceeded."

If this occurs, it is because, prompt(s) that are being generated are pulling their data from very large data sets, and as a result, are taking a significant amount of time to render during validation.

The work around is to temporarily disable the filter (or filters if you have more than one) just for the validation process, and then set the filter(s) back to “Required” for runtime. This
works because running the report is not leading to the timeout, it is only timing out during validation.

1. Click on Filters options under Toolbar. Click a filter to select it, then click the “Disabled” radio button in the Usage options area.

2. Validate the report again (Tools, Validate Report). The validation process hould be much quicker. If there are no report errors, you should see the following essage: "The report specification is valid."

3. Open the Filters again and set them back to “Required”.