Three table joins


I’ve three tables joined one by one. For Eg. Table A is joined with Table B and Table B is joined with Table C. But when i query from table A and table C its not giving me expected results. Unless if I pull anyone column from Table B then it works fine. Table B is connector between Table A and Table C. Anyone have come across this situation and any suggesstios.



How are the relationships defined (ie what are the cardinalities)? Are there any other relationships from A to something else to C which might be utilised where nothing is retrieved from B? Do any of the query subjects have determinants defined? Are you pulling in any other items from other query subjects which might result in a query split?

Sorry - lots of questions.


Table A and Table B are connected with other tables like the same way Table C and that caused this. Query retrieved based on alphabetical sorting of table name and thats the reason the defualt query goes to a different table not to table C.Find out the root cause and its resolved. Thank you for your response.