"There was a problem running the Deployment Wizard. null"

Hello. Could you assist me with the message I am receiving above. I have searched the IBM troubleshoot and google, however the resolutions offered are occuring at a later stage than I get this message, and seem relevant to a specific application.

When choosing Export Model (with or without data), the next step brings up what would be the list of links, macros, applications, analyst libraries to chose from. At this point, and before one can actually make any choice at all, this message appears. When hitting the OK button, the deployment wizard closes.
When the list of items to chose from comes up (just before the error message) there is also no list shown - just the tick box and the content store name.

The resolutions I’ve come accross point to rights / role mapping, illegal characters in the macro names, application names, deployment folder on the incorrect server, however none of these are relevant in this case.

  1. No app has been chosen so illegal characters / role mapping is not yet an issue.
  2. I have not yet set up any macros.
  3. We are on one server therefore the deployment folder is held on the same server / program files, cognos, c8.

Please can you give me some direction.
Many thanks

hmmm …you checked already the most obvious reasons… :frowning:

What does the planning error log tells you when you execute these steps in contributor administration console? and event log maybe?

C:\Documents and Settings<your account>\Local Settings\Temp – is the most likely location associated with your account. This is location for errors generated from interactive sessions, like functions in the Contributor Administration Console or the interactive portion of the webclient.