Template icons not visible in report studio

Report writers logging into a specific machine are unable to see the delivered template icons - only see Financial and Misc. icons. Appears to be machine specific. Last time this happened we added Cognos web server to trusted sites on IE. We found post - Try these steps if you are having problems getting your Cognos reports to load or run in Internet Explorer - tried all of that and it still not working. Any suggestions?

What has changed since last time the templates worked correctly? New Internet explorer, windows update …?

I normally add all the servers (dispatcher and gateway servers) to the trusted sites on all servers during configuration and i never have seen this issue.

Which OS and Cognos version do you use?

We found the issue. In Report Studio - View - Authoring Mode was set to Express. Changing it to Professional fixed the issue

Thanks for the feedback!

I did not think of that… ::slight_smile: