Sun One LDAP Provider inaccessible in Cognos Administration


I’ve just recently installed Cognos 10.1 (no fix packs, etc) in our test environment that uses a Sun One LDAP namespace on the same machine. We also have a working Cognos 8.3 installation, using the same namespace on the same machine that is also active (side-by-side installation).

I have not made any changes to the intial security as of yet. The problem being, is that while I have anonymous access enabled, when I turn that off and attempt to log in as my 8.3 admin user, I a ‘web page cannot be displayed’ error in IE.

The namespace name is not enabled (cannot click on it) in Cognos administration, so I am hesitant on making any changes that won’t be able to be reverted without reinstalling. Since I cannot access that authentication provider, I can’t add the admin user to the various groups/roles, etc.

I have configured the 10.1 installation through congos configuration as an exact duplicate of the working 8.3 cognos configuration.

Any assistance on this would be exceedingly appreciated.

Can you post a link to your /configuration/cogstartup.xml files from both C8 and C10?

Once I have these I’ll be able to provide a better answer.

Attached are the cogstartup.xml files (with internal identifying info changed to generic stuff). The cognos content/cognos logging databases are – references to the cognos server name are changed to

Do you get the same issue using non https on port 80?
Have you tried cgi vs the cog_mod?

We haven’t tested with port 80, as we have always had https in both production and test environments for cognos 8.3 without issue.

The cgi version is what we have in production for 8.3. I suppose I could switch things over to cgi in test, however, moving to cog_mod was the intended option to tie it closer in with apache.

Is this on Solaris? What version of Apache?

There is a known issue with the Apache that ships with Solaris 10 when using cognos_module. I’d point it out to you in the docs, but I can’t seem to be able to find it. I did read this in the docs last week though.