Specifying a DB in Custom SQL

I have a report that I built in Report Studio that runs fine, but now I need to customize the query. The first thing I did was copy the native SQL from the Tools -> Show Generated SQL menu. Then I added a SQL object on the query page. If I try to save or validate it, I get a error that says “RQP-DEF-0500 No datebase name is specified for the SQL query of ‘native’ type.” That seems odd to me since I’m just taking the native SQL that Cognos generates for my database reusing it. Why do I now have to specify a database? I’m using Oracle, by the way.

So, how do a specify a database anyway?


Nevermind, I’ll answer my own question for other newbies.

I think this is dumb, but Cognos blows away your existing datasource when you want to customize your SQL. You have to go to the properties and specify your datasource again to get rid of the error. Cognos should simply add a “Modify SQL” option when you right-click on a query, but this is a request for a different area.

Sounds buggy to me. :-\ Did you report this to Cognos support?

and thanks for sharing!