Space needed for building the transformer

Hi All,

I need to install the transformer in a seperate linux server. The total size of our cube is 64GB. How much hard disk and RAM needed for building all these cube(total size 64 GB) at the same time.??

Thanks in Advance…

There is no way to tell. You will need to build the cube and monitor. The cube may be pulling in 1TB and consolidating and summing everything down to 64GB, or it may be only reading in 70GB.

Transformer is more of an art than a science. Everything is dependent on so many variables. Model size, dimensions, measures, amount of time (Dates), DB size…etc.

Unfortunately this is all trial and error.

Good luck…

Edit: Forgot to add, Alternate drill downs will use/need more space. Always try to avoid these whenever possible. They also cause the cube to be larger and take longer to build.