SOLUTION ! Client Driver Issue on Sybase 12.5 versus 15.5

Hi There,

We found the solution. It seems that after the installation of fixpack 4 of Cognos
Is the answer. the report run now 40 seconds.
In the bugfix list there is no mention of this problem but it works for us. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for the last week for an answer. I installed Cognos 8.4.1 on a Windows 2008 R2 64 bits Server (I have too, because its a standard and therefore mandatory). I installed the latest service pack (on Windows and Cognos).
I’ll use for the content store a SQL 2008 server and for the databases Sybase 12.5 and Sybase 15.5.
So I thought I had to install the Client Drivers on the dispatchers (I’ve got 2 brand new very Fast HP (16 cores)). So I installed the Sybase Client driver 15.5. First I did the 64 bits drivers.
The performance of a couple of reports went from 1 minute to 12 minutes. The CPU went to 100%. So I thought maybe because the Bibus and the report services are still 32 bits, I had to install the 32 bits version. No change at all. The same outcome.
So I installed the sybase client drivers 12.5 (32 bits) and my reports run again very quickly (less then 1 minute). And hardly any CPU usage.
So next I thought that the ini file COGDMCT.ini had to change. But a lot of the parameters don’t tell me a thing.
In COGDMCT.ini I set joined=T and direved=T. So the server can join and make use of derived tables. Also the rows I set to 5000.
These setting I had use with all the versions of the drivers.
?? Is there anyone with the same experience or maybe someone with an answer or tips ??

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Nico Raspoort