Set a Default value for a Slicer

Hi Everybody,
I create 2 reports:
1-the first report contain a prompt in which we select the society (list of society). I named the parameter of the prompt “ParamSoc”.
2-in the second Report I have a croostable of revenue by product and year. In this report I added a slicer in Query lik this “[CubeName].[DimensionName].[LevelName].[Hierarchie]->?ParamSoc?”.
The problem is that every time when I run the second report, it ask me to select the society.
So i like to find a method that define a default value for my parameter “ParamSoc”, i like that the report run directly with the default society and it will not ask me to select the society.

I found a method in other Forum: to add a prompt page in the second report with a prompt of list of society like the first report and I added in Default selection of the prompt this expression: “[CubeName].[DimensionName].[LevelName].[Hierarchie]->:[PC].[@MEMBER].[1]”

And it dosen’t work. :frowning:

please if you have any suggestion to help me.

Thanks. :slight_smile: