Servlet Gateway - (SGW)


Servlet Gateway - (SGW)


On setups where there is no web server available a Gateway implementation in form of a servlet exists.

This special kind of Gateway was most frequently used in conjunction with application server plug-ins which route the requests to the application server directly rather than allowing the web server to handle them. By now the dispatcher has matured enough so it can be accessed directly in those cases, if there's no need for a default

Another typical use case is single sign-on between a third party portal and Cognos8, in particular WebSphere Portal. In those setups the SGW is used to implement SSO based on information which only exists on the application tier (LTPA token, provided by the application server environment). By now a new alternative method for SSO was introduced in Cognos 8.1 so that a SGW is not mandatory any more.
In summary, SGW get deployed less often as of Cognos 8.1.

The SGW is using coded in JAVA and hence may not be as per formant as MOD or ISAPI. However it implements connection pooling to the dispatchers. By default there is a pool of 20 connections which get reused. The pool is not configurable in the UI but only by editing the web.xml in <C8_ROOT>/war/gateway.