Security Migration from Access Manager to Active directory


We currently use Access Manager to maintain our security and we would like to change the namespace to use an Active Directory security model. Is there an easy way to migrate the users and security from one namespace to another? We are currently using Cognos 8 with an Access Manager namespace/security model and will be moving to Cognos 10.2 using Active Directory security model.

I have gonethorough the document

Handling Change to Cognos 8 Security

This has not helped me for a solution.

How do I migrate the users to the new security model?

Hi Tushar,

Migrating a Cognos instance between external security sources can be quite disruptive, due to the fact that this typically causes the CAMIDs of users, groups and roles to change (thereby hosing the old CAMID references in the Content Store, Models with Security, etc). Here’s a video which catalogs some of the issues which can arise (broken security policies, broken schedules, etc):

Motio has a product which can let you switch a Cognos instance between security sources WITHOUT impacting the CAMIDs of existing users, groups, roles, etc.

Here’s a link:

Good Luck,