SDK-ERR-0064 Installation of Reporter failed


I downloaded a 30 day trail 32bits version of cognos express. The installation went well (vmware image) and i was able to open the cognos express manager. But when i try to install one of the three modules i get the following error:

SDK-ERR-0064 Installation of Reporter failed: SDK-ERR-0001 Discovery path: //.host/Shared Folders/f/9.0.20090824-1704l/Modules, not found

When i open windows explorer i can browse to this path ans the files are there.

Any ideas?

Cognos Express has problems with installing everything from a UNC path properly…

I have not figured out yet, where this installation path is stored… so a uninstall and a reinstall is the quickest fix i guess.
Copy the installation directry to a local disk and install again.