Script for changing the default option in a search and select prompt


I would like to contribute the following script.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. On your prompt page add an HTML Item in the page header
  2. In this HTML item place the following code:
  1. In the line: $j(“input[id*=’’]”).attr(“checked”,“true”);
    change with one of the provided possible options. E.g. swsMatchAny
  2. Click on OK
  3. Run your report.

Good Luck!

Note: This script is also sent to SupportLink, so maybe you’ll see it there too… :smiley:

Thank you Jeroen, for this handy script!

You earned your first karma with this contribution.

Hope to see more of you here… :wink:

Talk to you soon

I’m just getting into jQuery and this script is one of the first things i created.
I hope to speak you soon!

Thanks… I am able to get this to work successfully on the 1st of 2 prompt pages. It will not work on the 2nd page, nor on my in-line prompts (on report pages).

Is there any trick for these other applications, other than on the 1st prompt page? Are there restrictions? The 2nd prompt page has a calendar range prompt and a multi-select value prompt, along with the search and select prompt.