Script deply Cognos 'frozen' cubes

How to make script to copy a cube to 'yyyymm"-cubename and deploy this to Cognos Connection.
This will also set the connection in Datasources.
So you can run the rapoorts on this cube.

Need more info on how your deploying your cubes right now.

However, you SHOULD be using the “-g” and the deployment tab if you are using 8.4.x or newer.

Ex: cogtr.exe -n2 -g -m"C:\path\to\my\cube\model.mdl"

The “-g” option will automagically deploy your cube to the proper destination. It will also, if configured, keep a set number of previous cubes.

One thing to keep in mind with the “-g” option is if a user(s) is accessing the cube during the deployment part they will remain on the current cube. In order for this user to access the newly deployed cube they would have to logout and close their browser and log back in. Any NEW user sessions will access the new cube.

For more info on command line options for Transformer see the Command Line info in the appendix of the Transformer user guide.

10.1.1 Transformer UG

8.4.1 Transformer UG