SAP namespace: CAM_AAA_AuthSAP.dll could not load in 64 bit environment

CAM-AAA-0022 The provider D:\Program Files\cognos\c8_64\./bin64\CAM_AAA_AuthSAP.dll; could not load.

Create a SAP namespace in Cognos 64 bit IBM Cognos 8.4.1, try to test the SAP namespace generating the error CAM-AAA-0022 The provider 'D:/Program Files/cognos/c8_64\./bin64\CAM_AAA_AuthSAP.dll' could not load.

Need to have 64 bit SAP RFC library loaded in the environment

64 bit windows 2003, windows 2008

For the Cognos 8.4.1 (64-bit) on Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) the following requirements must be fulfilled:

- Download classic RFC SDK (see SAP Note 27517- Installing RFCSDK) for MS-Windows (32-bit) as well as for Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit).
- Install the RFC libraries as required by SAP.
- Copy the librfc32.dll (32-bit) into the \bin and the librfc32.dll (64-bit) into the \bin64 directory.
- Restart the Cognos services and retest SAP Namespace as well as SAP data source connections.