Same METRIC different use?

Hi to all again,

I have this SALES metric that includes “sold amount”, “credit amounts” for example.

We can also filter on that SALES metrics in order to only have let’s the “Sold amount” without the “credit amount” included.

We have this relational report where we want to display that SALES metrics (including “sold amount” + “crédit amounts”) in our first column#1 and then on column#2 we wish to show the SALES metrics (without the “credit amount”).

Do you suggest having one query filtering out the “credits” from the SALES metrics and to have another query where we don’t filter nothing out from the SALES metrics and thein JON those queries or is there something easier ad simpler way to do this ?

Thank in advance for any valuable information !

Thanks to other forum the ANSWER was:

  • Only 1 Query

  • Problem was that on the Data Item calculation (the other was the metric coming directly from package) the AGGREGATION FUNCTION needed to be set to TOTAL

All works fine now.

Thanks anyhow for letting me post in this forum.