RQP-DEF-0177An erroroccuredwhileperformingoperation'SqlOpenresult'status='-28'

Hi all,

I am new to cognos. I need your help in solving this issue.

Report is working fine when all products are selected but throwing the following error when any one of the products is selected.

RQP-DEF-0177An erroroccured whileperforming operation’SqlOpenresult’status=’-28’

Details of the error:

UDA-SQL-0114 The cursor supplied to the operation “SqlOpenResult” is inactive. UDA-SQL-0023 The connection to the database has been terminated due to an unrecoverable error. ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel.

I guess this is database error due to timeout operation. But it is working fine for bulk retrieval (of all products) where as timeout is occuring for less retrieval of only one product…

What is the reason and how to solve this…

Sri Valli.

Hi Srivalli,

It looks like a asynchron connection timeout with the Oracle database server… I presume you are using report studio and not controller? An IBM knowledge base document i found is specific for Cognos controller ans suggest an memory shortage… :-\

Which Cognos version do you use? And which Oracle version? Does this error occurs only on Oracle databases? If you let trace the Oracle connection by a dba, what do you see?