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Reporting on a training code that is not in an employee's record

I need to create a report that shows my entire list of Active Staff, and whether or not they have completed a specific training.

My problem is that people who have not completed the training yet, do not have the course entered into their record.

Ideally I’d like to be able to pull a list of all active staff; if they have completed that specific training, the completion date will show. If they have not completed that specific training, the completion date column will just remain blank.

Anything I am attempting is either (A) only pulling the people who have completed the training (since they have that course in their record), or (B) is pulling all active staff, but listing EVERY training course they have in their record.

Any advise?

Hi Shannon,

You will have to make a small dimensional model for this. Make a fact with employee_id, training_id and date_completed. Make a dimension for employee with employee_id and name. Make a dimension for training with training_id and trainingname. Model this in framework manager and publish. Note that the date_completed is a measure and you might have to set “none” for summarize.

Create a report with a crosstab. From the employee dimension drag the employee level in the crosstab vertical column. Drag not the level but the members from the training dimension in the horizontal column. This way all the trainings are visible. Drag the measure in the centre.
I expect you will see the result you want.