Report returns 1 or 0 I need to display yes or no

Hi all. I’m very much a newbie to Cognos and I hope someone can help. I have a report which returns values of ‘0’ or ‘1’. I would like to display ‘No’ for ‘0’ and ‘Yes’ for ‘1’. Any help will be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance

I’m not sure how much of a Newbie you are, so I did assume you can get around in the screens.
I find the worst thing about the “IF” statements in the later versions of Cognos is how picky it is about ().

  1. Click on the Query
  2. Click on Red Tool box, Double click on Data Item
    If ([WorkDay] = ‘1’)
    Then (‘Yes’)
    Else (‘No’)
  3. Give the new field a name in the Properties
  4. Add the new field to the report

Date Day Name WorkDay YesNo
4/8/2012 Sunday 2 No
4/9/2012 Monday 1 Yes
4/10/2012 Tuesday 1 Yes
4/11/2012 Wednesday 1 Yes
4/12/2012 Thursday 1 Yes
4/13/2012 Friday 1 Yes
4/14/2012 Saturday 2 No

You might want to cut the other field out of the report.

It can also be done with Conditional Blocks. It is more sophisticated and would take more to explain it. Maybe you can
search that option later.