Report PAGE should display based on the page number provided by the user

Hi All,

Please help me to know the solution for below scenario ASAP.

User will provide an input in the prompt page. Based on input provide by the user the page should get displayed.
Ex: If user enter value as ‘4’. Then it should be directed to Page No. 4 of the Cognos report.
The report output can be PDF / HTML

I would really appriciate your help on this.

I never tried this but with html there might be a problem.

html reports only show the first 20 rows. So Cognos does not know how many pages ther will be. so if you run a htmnl report with pagenumbering you get something like 1/?

PDF or Excel the whole resultset of the query is returned and formated. When page numbering is entered in the footer for example, 1/23