Records count


we have a new requirement. we have a set of Products (more than 50) and for every Product, we need to show the results in a different page. we need to show exactly 50 records for for each Product(means, each page should show 50 records exactly). we have achieved the showing in different page with page set and i have created a data with the condition “running-count ([ORDER_TYPE] for [Product]) < 51”. this assures that no page will show counts more than 50.

now comes the tricky requirement. above results will be shown based on a selected prompt date. and the requirement is that, if the selected date doesn’t have 50 records (less than 50) on that day, report should look for one day earlier to selected date (prior day of selected date) and this should keep on going till the records count should be 50.

don’t know how to achieve this. any expert’s help would be greatly appreciated. we have already spent almost a week on figuring this out but is of no use.

waiting for a solution for this.