Recommended actions to do after all Cognos TM1 installations

Cognos TM1 version 9.5.1

This is a few recommended actions to do at all Cognos TM1 installations.

1) Same folder structure in test and productions servers:
Recommended that you on the TM1 server create a folder named: tm1servers
Below that folder create a folder for each TM1 server you want to create;

• C:\tm1servers\tm1planning
• C:\tm1servers\tm1controller

By keeping the folder structure same on all TM1 servers it is easy to move scripts between the servers.

2) Create a separate folder for log files:
Below your TM1 folder for you custom TM1 server create a log folder named: LogFiles
Updatera din tm1s.cfg file med raden;

LoggingDirectory=C:\ tm1servers\tm1planning\LogFiles

3) Create a separate folder for data files:
Below your TM1 folder for you custom TM1 server create a log folder named: DataFiles
Updatera din tm1s.cfg file med raden;

DataBaseDirectory=C:\ tm1servers\tm1planning\DataFiles

To the data folder you must also create a copy of the tm1s.cfg file and place there as “copy of tm1s.cfg” file.

4) Create a script that saves the TM1 data to disc every day:

Go into TM1 Architect program as administrator.
Expand the TM1 application and go to processes tab.
Right click and select “create new process”
Go to the Advance tab
Go to the Prolog tab
Enter a blank row
Enter the statement
Enter a blank row

Should look like this in prolog:


#****Begin: Generated Statements***
#****End: Generated Statements****

Click on the SAVE icon and name the solution to be SAVEDATA
Go to the Schedule tab
Click in “Schedule this Process as a Chore Named:”
Enter the name SAVEDATA
Enter 1 for run every 1 Days.
Check the local time to show 23:00:00
(this will make it to run every night)
Click on the SAVE icon

Select FILE – EXIT in Turbo Integrator to get back to TM1 Architect.
Then you should now have a process named SAVEDATA
And tha chores named SAVEDATA.

5) Change the timeout for the TM1web:

On the TM1 server with IIS 6 from Windows 2003
Go to folder C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\TM1Web
Open web.config in notepad
Search for <system.web>

Below system.web and before the line of <!—DYNAMIC DEBUG….. enter this line

<!-- request execution timeout, compilation debug must be set to false -->
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="2000" />

Save and close the web.config file.

Restart the TM1 server and check that all is working.