Re: Filter information Analysis Studio

thanks for your answer, but…

how can select all the categories from a dimension except one ?,

i have a dimension with 100 members, but i need one member don’t be summarized
when i building a cube using other dimensions in rows and columns

when i move this dimension to the context filter, cognos automatically select all the categories, but what i need
is cognos summarize the information for all the members except one!.

I can’t select the 99 members because in the list cognos only show 50 members…



i did split your topic to this one.

To see all the members of a dimension, you must do the following steps:

  1. select the row label at the top of the report
  2. right click and select properties
  3. now you can specify the number of desired members (see attachment)

yes, this works if you put the dimension in a row or column, but the issue is that i moved the dimension over “Context Filter”, once there i need select all the members of the category except one of them, so if we are analsying the sales of regions (in rows) vrs time (in columns), we can see the sales except the one that we take off…

it is possible to do something like that.

You must then use the “hold current context” option.

  1. select the rows or columns in your report (the one which must become the context filter
  2. EXCLUDE the members (and subtotal) you do not want in your context filter.
  3. open the dimension infobar at the bottom of the report
  4. click on the arrow next to the text “Definition”
  5. Select “hold current context” option
  6. Apply and OK
  7. drag the dimsion to the context filter area to make it active.

see the attachments for more detail

good luck

That is exactly what i was looking for, thanks !

I really appreciate