Publishing package using Cognos SDK


We are trying to publish a package using Cognos SDK and receiving an following error message:

"BME-EX-0077 The project path is invalid. Ensure that the project name is formatted correctly and contains valid characters. "

Following is the action we are using:

[].[packages].[Test] 2 \content Test 0 0 0

Please help us on this

Thanks in advance

Not sure where it goes wrong but try this:

You can lookup the correct path in Cognos connection.

  1. goto the report(or object) you want to use with your SDK script
  2. open the properties
  3. on the general tab, you see on the right hand side a hyperlink called “view the search pad, ID and URL”

the search path is the object you need. Paste this path in your SDK code and run the script again.

a report search path example:
/content/folder[@name='Folder1]/folder[@name=‘Folder2’]/query[@name=‘Query studio report’]

Post the SDK code if this does not work out for you.