Publish PowerPlay Cube to a different server

I need help in figuring out how to publish a cube to a different server.


[ul][li]We have 2 Prodcution Servers (Server A and B) dedicated to end user for reporting. These 2 servers have Cognos 8.4 BI installed (no transfomer)

We have 1 Production Server (Server C) dedicate to Cube build only (End users cannot access this server). Installed Cognos 8.4 Transformer only[/li][/ul]

Our end goal is to build the cube daily on Server C but publish it on Server A. In this way it can be accessed via the Cognos Portal.

Could this be as simple as setting the deployment Strategy property to a folder on Server A?

As Server B is a secondary production box, cube needs to be available on it if Server A goes down.

Also on Server C, Transformer > IBM Cognos Config > Gateway URI and Dispatcher URI for External application both are point to Server

Thank You
Sameer Ashfaq


Your server C is configured with the gateway and dispatcher of server A. So when you generate a cube on server C and publish it to server A, a package with datasource connection to the *.mdc file. The location of this file can be configured in transformer to be anywhere on your network.

I see a few options:

  1. generate the cube directly on a directory on server A. when you publish the cube (1st time) the location is correct. BUT your server A is the single point of failure. When server A is down. You must then use the gateway URL on Server B and have all the cubes on that server as well. AND the datasource connections of your cubes are all pointing to server A… That is a lot of work. of course you can use swap cubes or another script to change the datasource connections to the cubes on server B.

  2. Use a network share or NAS/SAN to store the cubes. It is most likely fast and has close to 100% uptime. When a server (A or b) is down it is still pointing to the cubes on the network share or NAS/SAN location.

in my opinion option 2 is much easier to administer.

good luck :slight_smile: